Rolls-Royce Intranet   Production Test Auto Pass Off (54 Bed)

IPT LogFile for 19-08-2019

				14:29:25.563|INFO|ipt (9.5.1/2018-11-26) [32bit::DERBY]
14:29:25.564|INFO|Copyright (c) 2010-2018 Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG (FS)
14:29:25.564|INFO|Using standard database 'ppo'
14:29:25.564|INFO|Logging into database 'ppo' on server 'localhost' as user 'passoff'
14:29:25.565|INFO|MySQL: Initial thread ID: 0x14F1
14:29:25.565|INFO|MySQL: Compiled with MySQL10.2.1-MariaDB
14:29:25.565|INFO|MySQL: Running with MySQL5.5.60-MariaDB
14:29:25.565|INFO|MySQL: Connected to DB server 'Localhost via UNIX socket', running MySQL5.5.60-MariaDB
14:29:25.565|INFO|Compiled with GNU scientific library version '1.15'
14:29:25.565|INFO|Running  with GNU scientific library version '1.15'
14:29:25.565|INFO|Using QT65 graphs_path '/home/ipt/GRAPHS'
14:29:25.565|INFO|Using table1_path '/home/ipt/TABLE1'
14:29:25.565|INFO|Using qt65_lib_path '/home/ipt/lib/'
14:29:25.565|INFO|Using bu91_lib_path '/home/ipt/lib/'
14:29:25.565|INFO|Loading BW25 shared object from '/home/ipt/lib/'
14:29:25.758|MESSAGE|Using bw25 version: V1.06
14:29:25.758|INFO|Generating CRC-32 residues
14:29:25.758|INTERNAL|Using work_path '/rrdata/54/88175/steadystate'
14:29:25.758|INTERNAL|Using ipnppn_file_path '/rrdata/54/88175/steadystate'
14:29:25.758|ERROR|Can't open scanfile '/rrdata/54/88175/steadystate/1528456584.spectre' for reading, reason: 'No such file or directory'

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